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A Hotel in Venice Italy

A Hotel in Venice Italy

For a short weekend trip in the summer of 2018 I had the chance to stay at Diana Hotel in Venice. Being my first trip ever to Venice, you can imagine my enthusiasm. Filled with curiosity and excitement I started discovering the map of Venice. I carefully planned my trip so that there was enough time for sight-seeing and relaxing moments. To visit all the major objectives, you don’t need more than three days in Venice. So, my friend and I booked three nights at a central hotel.

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Diana Hotel in Venice– Getting There

We left our car in Mestre because parking spaces in Venice cost too much and we were not sure we want to spend time every day to look for a parking space. Mestre is located 6 miles from Venice. Besides buses and trains, there is also a tram service.

We choose the tram and off we go. Why did we go for the tram? Well, it has stops in many locations along the way and we wanted to discover the area. In case you book a hotel in Mestre you can easily get to the tram and off to Venice.

A tram ticket is each time € 1,50. The price is low, but if you want to combine it with the vaporetto boats in Venice it gets up to EUR 7.5 per ticket. The alternative is to buy a Tourist Travel Card.It costs EUR 20 per day or EUR 40 for 3 days.

Closest airports to Venice

There are three ways which can get you to Venice by airplane. You can land on Venice Marco Polo Airport, Treviso Airport or Trieste Airport.

Nearby Landmarks of my hotel in Venice

The Diana Hotel in Venice is in a 15th-century building at 50 m from St. Mark’s Square. This location was part of the reason we decided to go for the hotel in the first place. Secondly, the pictures on were cute.

Other nearby objectives you can find at a walking distance are Bell Tower of San Marco, Basilica San Marco, The Ducal Palace and the famous Rialto Bridge. Imagine all these beautiful places in a small area for you to photograph and enjoy. Pinterest and Instagram heaven you may say.

The downside is that Venice is such a small city and all tourists are crowded into the same small area of hotels in the center. So, beautiful pictures at the landmarks require waiting in line for 25 minutes to be able to take your picture.

Diana Hotel in Venice– Hotel Description

The hotel’s reception from one reason or another is in the hotel across the street from Diana Hotel. It was surprising to arrive in front of the hotel and read a sign which sent us to a different address. Since the street is not wider than 1 m that was something which we solved easily.

The food and drinks @Diana Hotel in Venice

The only meal we had at the hotel was breakfast. That wasn’t as nice of an experience as we imagined. Maybe it was my image of Italy and my love affair with nicely decorated tables, or maybe it was just them.

The small breakfast room had around 5 tables and a buffet. The food was the basic of the most basic you have seen: cheese, salami, bread, butter, cereals and croissants. The drinks were served at the table by a smiling couple of waitresses. I had the hot chocolate, but could drink it because it wasn’t nice enough.

The had normal coffee, milk, juice and tea to offer, but nothing looked appetizing. I guess the colors used in a kitchen and the tableware make magic. Their look was old and feel was outdated.

hotel in venice

The social media channels for my hotel in Venice

As you can imagine the  Hotel Diana Venice  has no Instagram account and there are no hashtags on Instagram associated with the hotel’s name. There were some people brave enough to check in at the Hotel Diana Venice, but hey the world is a playground and anyone can explore it as he/she wishes.

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