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Staying at Grey Hotel Kopaonik

Grey Hotel Kopaonik – Getting There

My experience at Grey Hotel Kopaonik happened this winter in the month of December. I decided to go for a sky trip with a group of friends. It was a group of six people in total. The destination was the place anyone wanted to be at in Serbia’s mountains: the region called Kopaonik. 

I wasn’t the one to choose the Grey Hotel Kopaonik. One of our friends made the reservation and told us he knew the hotel from a previous trip. Since this was a last moment decision, we did not investigate potential hotels and went with our friend’s recommendation. 

Grey Hotel Kopaonik – hotel description

Grey Hotel is a small boutique type of hotel in the mountain area named Kopaonik. The hotel has a small number of rooms: 13. First impression arriving at the front desk: the place is small and it has no parking. Well, those were false assumptions. We did discover they had a covered parking space, a proper garage, which proved excellent for the cars because of the freezing temperatures. 

Regarding the size of the hotel, well size is not everything after all. It is a small sized hotel, but the spaces are very nicely compartmented. True the reception area is small, but the staff had huge smiles and they welcomed us with a good English and a friendly attitude. 

The rooms are excellently decorated and the materials, textures, colors and design speak good quality. 

The food and drinks

The restaurant of the Grey Hotel Kopaonik had excellent views from two sides towards the ski slopes.  

The Grey Hotel Kopaonik bar and coffee shop had a central piece of decoration: a huge fireplaces. I can’t emphases enough the enthusiasm of all the ladies tourists taking selfies and sharing that piece of decoration on social media. 

The exterior terrace wasn’t ready when we got there. The staff was still working on cleaning all the snow away and preparing the exterior furniture. 

The Social Media Channels

The social media channels speak about the Kopaonik region more than they speak about the Grey Hotel. It seems that the hotel didn’t do anything on social media to promote their brand. Or, at least we did not find anything online on instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube. 

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Grey Hotel Kopaonik proved to be an excellent choice for our group. We had a wonderful time outside in the snow. The boys got to ski and the girls did some wonderful selfies around the bar and coffee shop area. We declared it a satisfying trip. We kindly recommended to anyone traveling to Kopaonik. It offers intimacy, fast access to the ski slopes, beautiful interior design, tasty food and superb views.