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A weekend at Me Madrid Reina Victoria


A weekend at Me Madrid Reina Victoria


Me Madrid Reina Victoria – Getting There

 This hotel is in the center of Madrid at walkable distance of major tourist objectives. There are so many ways you can get to the hotel in case you arrive to Madrid by plane. This time, we took a taxi from the airport and it was around 30 minutes of distance and we paid 40 EUR. Other options are taking a bus, the subway, a shuttle or an Uber depending on your budget and patience ;).

Exact address: Plaza de Santa Ana, 14 (1,546.61 mi), Madrid, Spain 28012.

Me Madrid Reina Victoria – Hotel Description

The hotel ME by Melia is surrounded by the main theaters, boutiques and bars. It is the perfect location for the young tourist who feel energized and want to discover both day and night life of Madrid.

Radio ME Madrid Rooftop Bar

The spectacular panoramic view of the city which guests can enjoy from the rooftop makes this hotel one of a kind. I heard people mentioning the rooftop when I had breakfast. I did not know about that amazing features which brings a plus of fun to the hotel. Radio ME Madrid Rooftop Bar is a beautifully designed setting at the last floor of the hotel. Getting up there I did not expect to discover more than a normal terrace.

To my surprise, the hotel has set up a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or the evening. It has a feeling of a lounge during the afternoon. Guests can serve tea, cocktails or enjoy a delicious desert. It was an excellent night under the stars. Cool music, well-dressed happy people around and a wide variety of cocktails to choose from.

The food and drinks @ Me by Melia

ME’s restaurant Ana La Santa offers delicious food and beautiful plating. All dishes are designed to be instagramed (or so it felt). You can find there the tapas or paella dishes, also you can have the fresh salads, meet and fish. A menu to satisfy any nationality. It’s wise to make a reservation, because the restaurant is opened to people from the city as well as to the hotel’s guests. It is easy to understand why; the food and ambiance are spectacular. The setting is simple, chic and minimalist, it is more about the vibe of Ana La Santa, than the fancy furniture. It allows people to be the center of attention, it is subtle and comfortable.

The social media channels

As any hotel, which cares about building a brand online, ME by Melia has an Instagram account where you can better understand the young, cool, artsy vibe of the hotel and its guests. They have a Facebook page with tons of uploaded pictures and videos, which makes it easier for their guests to discover the place even before arriving.

The surprise was to discover that ME by Melia also has a wonderful YouTube channel. As a digital marketer, I am always interested in the level of work the hotel does to promote itself. Well, let me just say that ME by Melia is doing an excellent work. I have no idea if they have a team in house or they outsourced the marketing task, but it looks fantastic. They upload on YouTube presentation videos,and rooftop parties and many other great clips with nice music on the background.

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